pepper & v

This story here is my story.  And, my story is also the story of my children.  The anonymity is for them and the protection it offers from prying eyes, google searches and outside judgement.  The two lights of my life are Pepper & V.

Pepper is just that.

Spicy, full of pizzazz and an excellent accompaniment to almost anything and everything.

The bestest friend you could ask for.

A burst of intense energy. Possible to get overloaded by and not necessarily the right thing for everybody.

Fiercely protective and the ultimate regulator of the scales of justice and fairness.

Magically imaginative and unbelievably creative.

Art is her muse and her expression. When words cannot convey her feelings, she uses color and draws with intricate details to tell the “story”.

Incredible wit and a sense of humor befitting her age and personality.

The well-played logical mind of a lawyer and the beautiful innocent inquisitiveness of a child.

V is sunshine and curls.  

She is kind and giving.

She can be simple and easy to read at first glance. But there is a depth and incredible richness to her complexity.

Hilariously funny with a sense of humor well beyond her preschool years.

An imagination that runs wild and characters that stay true to her core.

Smiling eyes that twinkle and a hearty laugh that carries far and wide.

Empathy and kindness to the max with an innate sense of others needs and concerns.

Lover of trains, stuffed animals and board games.

The best buddy you could ask for. My shadow.

Two of my characters: Pepper and V.


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