these are the days

These are the days when….

V is getting her very first set of pigtails. Just two weeks shy of her three-and-a-half year birthday.

Pepper is reading and gaining a greater vocabulary by the hour. Every night the bedtime snuggles last longer as the stories become more complex and the books’ pages thicker.

V is entering into the true passions of a three-nager. Unreasonable requests. Mood swings between abundant laughter and hysterical fits.

Pepper is no longer wearing matching pajama sets. She has kindly requested loose pants just like “Momma’s” and want t-shirts and tank tops. Why does this alone seem to make the age of six appear to be only months away from pre-teen?

V is thinking that her toddler-sized Thomas the Tank Engine bed may be too small for her. Her long limbs outgrew the comfortable confines of the blue train months ago. But, this is now her opportunity to voice her desire to move on. For her reasons. Not her body’s needs.

Pepper’s art is becoming even more creative and multi-layered. She is utilizing a variety of mediums within one piece. The pictures are also accompanied by detailed stories illuminated by glorious adjectives.

V is just tall enough to see over the kitchen counter. From the vantage point of the living room, it’s possible to see just her blonde-head and deep brown eyes peeking over the counter while talking to Thor as he makes dinner.

Pepper is beginning to leave love notes around for me and Thor. “From Pepper. A grat [great] day with you is love. It is fun to hug you. To Momma”

V is making fast friends at school. She moves quickly from my good-bye embrace to the smiling faces of her pals.

Pepper now wants me to drop her off at the sidewalk for school. No more walking up the front steps. No more lingering hug at the door. No more last walk good-bye with my girl who is growing up too fast. This would actually be happening, if I was ready for this. But, I’m not. So, for now I’m still walking her in and saying good-bye at the coat hooks. Our compromise is one day sidewalk and one day coat hooks.

V still says “dush” for just and “got-for” as forget and talks with a oddly out of region, but adorably individual Boston-accent. And, Pepper still says “cuv-erds” for cupboards and “mill-nets” for minutes. These isms of speech have changed over the years, but these two linger on.

These are the days we live in, love in and laugh in.


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