summer days

These are the warm days with handfuls of dandelion bouquets given with sincerity and abundant love.

V is done saying “bella boon” for balloon. But, thankfully, still uses “ornicoon” for unicorn. Maybe she isn’t growing up too fast.

Pepper has found chapter books. Our spring break was spent with day after day at the library looking for more. More stories. More pages. More words.

These are the days of dirty fingernails and garden tending. My meditative weeding soothes my nerves and clears my mind.

When colored pencils have become the medium of choice for artist Pepper. After spending over thirty minutes sharpening an entire collection, I noticed that this is perhaps her meditation.

V is aching to read. We have brought wordless books back onto the shelves. They are open-ended for creativity and don’t have the restraints of real words made of real letters. There is no right or wrong way to tell the story.

Any wheeled vehicle is THE favorite toy of V. It seems we are moving away from a borderline obsession with Thomas the Tank Engine. It is good in the sense that our TIVO is no longer flooded with the adventures of Sodor Island, but it is just one more sign that times are changing and little girls are becoming big girls. Thank goodness, an ornicoon is still a unicorn.

Our summer bucket list is full of fun family time. Bubble blowing, ice cream truck stalking, sand castle building and bike riding. It’s shaping up to be a glorious #100daysofsummer.

We, and by we I mean me, have had the first sunburn of the season. Which was the direct result of my first time wearing a bikini in public. And, by public I mean our backyard. It was for a whole day. While gardening, eating, playing, relaxing and sunburning.

I dropped off a first grader off at school and picked up a second grader. Hard to imagine her 7th (!!) birthday is this August.

The girls are navigating intensely emotional interactions with each other and embracing the hot fire or the stone cold. They wear it all, live it up and let it go when they’ve moved on. There are no grudges. Apologies are genuinely accepted. And, the ups are as high as the downs are low. Perhaps I should take a cue from their book.

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