the place I dream

I have long been of the mentality of “you don’t use it, you lose it”. I was a hoarder and collection fiend in my youth. Now that I lived longer away from these years, than in them, I feel I can safely assert that I have changed my mindset and ways. I used to collect quotes and plaster the eaves of my upstairs bedroom with each individually cut-out rambling. Twinkling strands of lights hung precariously low from my triangled ceiling. A variety of collections from stuffed bunnies to sunflowers, american flags to raggedy crocheted quilts filled my nooks and crannies. Origami notes and photo booth film reels filled shoeboxes.

Life has changed. I have grown up. I appreciate the cleanliness of decluttering and the ability to dust the surfaces of the space surrounding me. I like knowing that my vacuum can reach the corners of the room and no dance by memory is needed to walk in the dark.

I have learned to embrace the personal truth that less is more.

Most of the girls’ toys and play things are open-ended and imaginative. They can be used for endless romps and activities. When I shop, I buy what I need and only what I need. Whatever is left over is returned, within days, or given a new home in some fashion. Whether it is donated, gifted or recycled, it is out of my house. There is very little clutter and even our hidden spaces behind closed doors and inside cupboard drawers are filled with the useful and practical.

There is great beauty in our home and an abundance of memories. Our walls are filled with bygone ages of baby smiles, chubby cheeks, first loves and puppy playing. Memory books are devoted to creatively capturing the lifetime adventures. Pepper’s artwork is a rotating fixture and V’s devotion to scotch tape is evidenced on our brightly painted walls.

I have a confession.

My one embarrassing bit of clutter is The Pinterest. I wholeheartedly jumped on board with pinning when I found out that basically every single aspect of the service appealed to my neurotically organized self and my eco-conscious goals. No more recipes printed out and filed away in a binder. Boards that could be created, imagined and filled as my heart desired. Endless ideas for incredible party decorations, fantastically spooky Halloween costumes, mundane household decor projects and the slippery slope that is crafts to do with your kids.

Oh, The Pinterest won me over. Fast and furious.

In less than three years, I have acquired…..almost 1,300 pins. Gulp. This wide array is a glimpse into me and what I love. It shows you that I have an unabashed love and obsession with sweet foods and chocolate. I set the stage and scene with intricate details when I throw a party. I have the want to craft with my children, but lack the patience and meditative abilities to off-set the inevitable and very predictable mess that will occur on every finger, cheek, piece of clothing and crevice in the room we craft. I dabble with homeschooling and all the seemingly fun activities that are available, but then summer rolls around and I am reminded why I love working part-time and getting a wee break from each of my children.

This little hovel of the web is also a double-edged sword. I live in a world of to-do lists and find peaceful satisfaction in checking one item off after another. It keeps me sane. I used to view Pinterest as one ginormous to-do list. It was an asinine assembly of hurdles that to accomplish would mean the very fun and joy of each would be sucked dry.

I am changing my mindset. Pinterest is my place in the clouds. A place to daydream. An easy stop when I need some inspiration and whimsy. My first stop for a new Whole30 approved recipe. A jumbled, albeit organized, mass of ideas that fill up a cloud, but not my home. It’s just that. A place to flit and float and window-shop.

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