time to write

Life has changed over the past decade. Ten years ago we were carefree newlyweds that had dual incomes and plenty of time. Time for hobbies. Time for baseball games. Time for endless Netflix queues. Time for sleep. Time for vacations. It was a season. This season we are in is about intensity. Intense joy and […]

getting to the heart of the issue

It seems only fitting that I would write this as I sit and wait during Pepper’s weekly occupational therapy session. This post is about how we got here. To this place. In this office. To this therapy. To the realization of where we are. Pepper is six and half years old. She has been diagnosed […]

my better half

In this partnership of life, I have been walking this road with the guy I am lucky enough to call mine. Our story begins like a sappy teenage romance novel. Two kids sharing nervous glances in a high school math class. Awkward conversations. Clammy hands holding. Seriously unnerving belly butterflies. Eighteen years since our first […]