such a good boy

Two years ago we said goodbye to the best dog we could imagine ever having. T lived a full 15-1/2 years. So long for a big boy of 85-pounds. He was our first kid. Our first combined love. And, our first companion through life’s largest milestones. Condensed into one lifetime. Our first home – a […]

a new normal

Changes are inevitable. As the routines fall back into place and the rhythms start flowing again, the new “normal” begins to appear. I am a record on repeat when I say that I don’t do change. I physically prepare by tightening my armor. Locking my muscles, clenching my core and hunkering down. It is an […]

living in grief

In ten days I’ve never slept more but remained bone weary exhausted. My home has never felt more empty or foreign to me but as comforting and needed as now. I’ve never felt such ache and loss but clarity from relief. An embrace has never felt so welcoming and calming while also intensely suffocating. I’m […]