being present

Things are truly in flux right now. We are in this awkwardly uncomfortable gray space. We sold our house last week (breathe a big long sigh of relief with me now….) and have made the choice to move into a temporary rental for the time being. The housing market is a seller’s dream, but a […]

meeting it with love

The reality of parenting Pepper.  Last week was drama camp. Something we’ve been talking about for 4+ weeks and she has been eagerly anticipating. All the preparation was in place. So, Monday, the first day arrived. Giddiness. Excitement. Eager anticipation. She was bubbling with abundant energy. What should have been a short three hour respite […]

the significance of white dishes

There are some strangely random things in life that make me happy. They put me at peace. White dishes are one of those things. My life is the textbook definition of chaos, as is likely the case with most families who have young children. It is a chaos I love. A season that will change […]

getting to the heart of the issue

It seems only fitting that I would write this as I sit and wait during Pepper’s weekly occupational therapy session. This post is about how we got here. To this place. In this office. To this therapy. To the realization of where we are. Pepper is six and half years old. She has been diagnosed […]

what valentine’s day is about

I love the opportunity to craft it up on Valentine’s Day and assemble sweet cards for the preschool masses. It’s fun to peruse Pinterest and work within the zillions of ideas to find just the right one for my kiddo. The one that she can help with. The one that she takes a personal interest […]